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10_passions's Journal

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Ten Passionate Encounters
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Welcome to the 10 Passions community; like most theme communities, you must claim a couple and for the duration of the following 10 Themes, you are free to write about them to your heart's content. Once you've finished these ten themes, your couple will be up for grabs again.

Why only ten?

Personally, I always thought that the standard 30 themes that most of the writing communities on here were a little too much for me, so after being inspired by 7snogs, I decided we needed more low-pressure communties with fewer themes for those of us that don't like being tied in for so long! ^_^


1. All pairings are allowed, including het, yaoi, yuri and crossovers. Likewise, all fandoms are allowed; not just anime.

2. Claiming a "threesome" is allowed, but no more than that and only two of the people may be involved in a relationship in any one fic. However, you may claim up to 2 couples at a time.

3. You may do the themes in any order that you wish and interpret them in any way you want; be creative!

4. To request a couple, please respond to this post with the subject line "Request!".

5. The pairings can be friendship. However, please note that these themes were intended for romance. Despite this, you cannot claim a pairing as "friendship" if someone's already writing them romantically. Once the pairing's taken, it's taken.

6. Please include the series, the pairing and the theme/s used in the header of your post so that it looks something like this:

[Fandom] [Pairing] [Theme (both number and name)]

7. In the post itself, please include this short info note:

Word Count:

Do not forget the disclaimer!

8. All ratings are accepted, but please warn for anything that may offend, including lemon, lime, squick et cetera.

9. You're free to crosspost and fake LJ-cut as much as you want.

10. Feedback is what encourages writers! Concrit is wonderful, but please do not flame.

The Themes

1. Secret Encounter
2. Along the Moonlit Bay
3. Sarcasm
4. Hidden from the World
5. His Place
6. Addicted To Your Touch
7. Don't Be Afraid
8. The Space Between Us
9. Starry Heavens
10. The Road Back To You

Bonus! You may use the following as extra themes, or replace any two themes.

11. Rough Hands
12. Loving Embrace
13. Farewell

ceasefire [Founder]
rukusho [Co-Founder]
electricfizz [Layout]
flareod [Banners]
glassbomb [General Mod]
wofl_iron [General Mod]
projection [General Mod]

Contact us if you have any comments, questions, troubles etc.!


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