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[Tsubasa Chronicle: Kurogane/Tomoyo] [Theme #13: Farewell]

Title: Dead Letters
Author: mysticdawn5 (personal lj) / edenecho (creative lj)
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Pairing: Kurogane/Tomoyo
Theme: #13: Farewell
Rating: PG-13 for coarse language and suggestive adult themes
Word Count: 4,397 words
Warnings: Language, suggestive themes, hints of shoujo-ai, death-scene, AU
Disclaimer: By CLAMP

"I hope, somehow, that this will end up in my loved ones' hands. My family, my friends... and you. You most of all. Because I feel like I never had the chance to tell you everything I always wanted to tell you."

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