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[NaokoxYui- Evangelion][Theme. 7]

Title: everything i wanted you to see
Author: seetoo
Fandom: evangelion
Pairing: naokoxyui
Rating: pg13
Word Count: 204
Warnings: yuri
Disclaimer: not mine. woez.
theme: 7- don’t be afraid

“It’s just, well, I’ve never done anything like this before, Naoko.”

“Don’t worry, Yui.” The words are flat, and soft, and cliché and not at all what she wants to say.

“I’m not. It’s…I don’t know.” Her voice is small, but clear, the one ray of light in a dark room.

“Trust me,” and the plea is there, at the end, because she has never needed to ask for trust, never had its presence be of any import to her.

“I do, I do,” again the unspoken contraction, the something that is far beyond and between them.

“Then what is it?” Her voice is cold again, built of steel and copper wire and run in binary, her first and last refuge.

“It’s him.” The silence around her deafens and she reaches forward with pale, blind hands into the cold dark and finds no heat, no light, only flesh. And with nervous, flighty touches maybe she can fix this, to instill again the divine spark of life, of love. Fingers lead, lips follow, and a mouth in welcome opens but the words are swallowed, and they’re both glad because all that needs to be said lies buried in the gasps, the moans, the sacred silence.


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